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Clinical Efficacy in Stroke Patients

Somazina  improves overall recovery


Data analysis of a total of 1,372 patients with moderate-to-severe acute stroke from 4 clinical trials showed that treatment with oral citicoline within the first 24 hours after symptom onset increased the chance of complete recovery at 3 months  .



Long-term Somazina prevents decline in cognitive function


Researchers observed that citicoline treatment for 2 years after the first stroke improved overall cognitive function in a clinical trial involving 163 patients  .


Cognitive functions evaluated  :


•    Attention, executive function
•    Language
•    Memory
•    Spatial perception
•    Dexterity
•    Orientation to time


Somazina helps patients regain their independence


Data analysis of a total of 4,420 patients with acute stroke from 10 clinical trials demonstrated that treatment with citicoline was associated with an increased rate of patient independence  .



Somazina  has been clinically studied to treat cognitive and neurological disorders associated with stroke.


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Somazina  reduces the volume of stroke-damaged brain tissue


Researchers observed that oral citicoline helped reduce the volume of brain tissue that had been damaged through acute stroke in a clinical trial involving 81 patients .