Clinical Efficacy in TBI Patients  

Somazina  has been studied in several clinical trials of TBI patients. 


Somazina  improves memory 


In a clinical study with 14 patients with mild-to-moderate head injury, treatment with citicoline for one month improved recognition memory  .



The above information is for your reference only. It cannot be used in place of a consultation with a medical professional nor as a basis of self-diagnosis or for treatment decision. Only your physician can provide you with accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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Somazina  helps give a better chance of making a good recovery


Researchers observed that treatment with citicoline helped resume normal occupational and social activities in a clinical trial with 216 patients with moderate-to-severe head injuries .



Somazina  helps restore patients’ independence


Data analysis of a total of 2,706 TBI patients from 12 clinical trials showed that the use of citicoline was associated with an increased rate of patient independence  .