How to Take Somazina

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Somazina  100 mg/mL oral solution comes with a dosing syringe graduated in mL and the solution is administered with the aid of this syringe, according to the following scheme  :



Somazina  100 mg/mL oral solution is supplied in glass bottles containing 30 mL of a transparent and pink-coloured liquid, with strawberry smell and taste. Each mL of solution contains 100 mg of citicoline. The recommended dose is from 500 to 2,000 mg/day  .



Somazina   product insert.


1. Transfer the liquid into the dosing spoon graduated in mL


(The dosing spoon has a volume of 5 mL, which is equivalent to 500 mg)

2. Make sure that the liquid contained in the dosing spoon coincides exactly with the prescribed level


3. Administer the preparation directly or dissolved in half glass of water (120 mL)